Brittany on stage.

Shadows Made Of Sound
By Carlos Zaldivar

Shadows on the road behind.
Shadows on the road ahead.
Nothing can stop us now.
Neil Peart


It started in Mexico the project of a band, which was called RADIO SILENCE beginning of the nineties. Luis Nasser, Ricardo Gómez and Andrés Aullet started the project. Today Luis is the stronghold and the only original member of the band. Back then, in 1994, the band disintegrates and the following year Luis and Ricardo took the project carto the US, but after two years, there were no good results.
Luis, as it should be, persists with RADIO SILENCE and 1997 calls Andrés and Ricardo and edit the “Laughter in the Dark" album, which is a well received and with great omens.

For the next year the band changes its name to "Shadows Made of Sound" in Latin: "SONUS UMBRA".
Under this name they edited three albums:

2000 - Snapshot from Limbo
2003 - Spiritual Vertigo, and
2005 - Digging for Zeros

With some changes in the Line Up in 2013 was born the album: “Winter Soulstice", which is well received and (for me) is a brain orgasm. In fact all albums are.

For this year, 2016, edited "Beyond the Panopticon".
Any album of SONUS UMBRA that you, dear reader, do not have… deserves a punishment. Well, no, just kidding.


I heard the "Digging for Zeros" and was impressed by the music. Immediately I researched and I became a huge fan of this band born in Mexico.
I got the other albums and finally in recent month May, a rumour spread that SONUS UMBRA was visiting Mexico City. Then I began to be aware, every day, about news on their sites.
Little activity on the site and suddenly, on Monday June 13 this year, I saw the flyer announcing that SONUS UMBRA will be presented the next day at the HOBOS Bar in San Angel (A Mexican suburb). I had to cross the entire city and time was short. But no matter. I would move heaven, earth and sea to be there. (And I did).
Before this, I heard the new album "Beyond the Panopticon" to warm my mood up.
So, around 8:50 pm on Tuesday 14th, we arrived at HOBOS Bar to enjoy such a great band.
An exquisite concert, full of Rock, Pop, Prog - Metal and music for the soul, the heart and feed the bloodstreams of our body. Everything was an ecstasy!
Listen live to such great legends of good music, and catalogued as "elitist" because they exist only for “true connoisseurs music lovers” and fans of this kind of music.
The HOBOS Bar became then a shrine to Metal, Pop, and Rock and Progressive which were great musicians.
Very few people, good service and an exquisite show.
In addition we could enjoy the first successes of SONUS UMBRA played by musicians of yesteryear.
It notes that the band has two vocalists, male and female: Roey Ben - Yoseph and Brittanny Lee Moffitt; the privileged and exquisite voice SONUS UMBRA.
By the way, SONUS UMBRA has its base in Chicago, Ill.

And we’ll see you soon, friends.


Well, I think this is the first review where I make a special space to dedicate a few lines to this great vocalist: Brittany Lee Moffitt.
She walked up to the stage with a very beautiful dress, straight hair, long, clear and very well groomed. A dark sweater, long, which she would take it off later. Beautiful arms holding the microphone still in my mind.
Seeing her up on stage and grab it, taking the mic and delight us with her sublime voice, was an remarkable experience.
Beautiful and charismatic. Humble and good-natured. Ipso facto I took some selfies with her and I can assure you that she is part of a generation of musicians who presents a long way in music world and that in a few years, she will become a legend. Then, when that time comes, I may boast: I met "years ago" and that I have her autograph in my T-shirt.
This was your first time in Mexico City, and I'll will see you next time and take you out for dinner. Sure I will.

Thank you very much for sharing your voice, music and your presence on stage.


A special hugs for my bros Jonathan & Hugo, and the Troopers we enjoyed.


Luis Nasser and me.

Roey Ben-Yoseph - Lead Vocals.
Brittany Moffitt - Lead Vocals.
Rich Poston - Electric Guitar, Keyboards.
Steve Royce - Flute, Keyboards, Vocals.
Tim McCaskey - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals.
Andy Tillotson - Drums, Acoustic Guitar.
Luis Nasser - Bass.


Unknown said...

Good review Carlos! Sonus Umbra are not only very talented but also great people. And Brittany is an amazing talent just waiting to be discovered. I'm glad that they were so graciously received in your country. She truly enjoyed the experience.

Chris Moffitt

Carlos Zaldivar said...

Thanks Chris.
Of course they are a great people.
If Brittany is discovered by a big company, good; if not, don´t worry, she has already been discovered by us... bye real music lovers.
Anyway, she has a very big path to go.
Music is not a type of art, it's HER Way of Life.
A big hug

Stay tuned.